Worldwide Wednesday (Fraud Edition)




Lets put a spotlight on what’s not right

If you want to share stories send them to me and I will keep your identity secret.


This will be updated and completed over time. Submit stories to me via e-mail 😉

No real names will be used.  This is not about the people…it’s about the problems…caused by people.


UPDATE 12/9/2017


See a lot of folks checking this. No worry musicday your fraud will be explained as will Echobox and LH Labs and Trinity Audio and others. The folks that scam each other via shady transaction and companies that commit mass fraud.







Favorite song?












It’s not really gonna be a Music day?

Going to be a omg dude!!! wtf??? day.


If you wanna share private stories without names feel free. or with names so long as not naming forums or sites.


Author: hawaiibadboy

Total badass. Love music. Hate small talk. Stuff is great or it sukz. I am going to enjoy saying both as most of these dudes hyping audio are con men. I will enjoy killing their con vibe.

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