Old Man Rant #1 – Don’t Fear The EQ



Ok, every once in a while I’m going to throw up a quick rant about something or another, and this is my first. It’s my god-given-old-man right, lol. I’ll get right to it. I’m sick of reading, hearing, or seeing folks say that “You’re not an audiophile if you EQ your music” or “You’re not listening to the track the way the producer intended”. One reason that is ridiculous is that we the listener have no clue what headphones or speakers the person was using at the time, maybe they had more bass or treble than our headphones or speakers. Maybe, without EQ’ing, we’re not listening to the music the way they intended? We don’t actually know. And, because we’re not buying or listening to our music for the enjoyment of that producer, why should we not EQ it to our tastes? I say we can. I EQ every single headphone I have out of every source I use. I have EQ setups for extra bass, extra highs, raised mids, even for different genres. I enjoy the hell out of my music when it’s EQ’ed. And that is what this rant was about, not to tell you that you absolutely have to EQ, but to tell you it’s 100% ok to EQ your music if that is what you like, without someone telling you that you aren’t doing it right. Music enjoyment is subjective, do you, screw the haters, lol.


Author: OldDude04

I'm an old school car audio basshead that has moved on to headphones as I've gotten older. But I'm still a basshead at heart and need the low low from my setups, whether it is a DAP, IEM or Over Ear headphone.

One thought on “Old Man Rant #1 – Don’t Fear The EQ”

  1. Yeah the producers don’t really care. Are the appreciators more enlightened than the creators? Is a Picasso fan more enlightened than Picasso himself? Is an anonymous forum person more of an audiophile than Quincy Jones? Does anyone besides the self titled folks even care? Good rant šŸ˜‰

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