NCM Bella 1DD 8BA Universal IEM REVIEW

The NCM “Bella” is an IEM that will appeal to Bassheads and Audiophiles alike…no easy task..that.

The “Bella” is an absolutely gorgeous set of IEM which bridges the Audiophile/Basshead gap quite nicely






The NCM “Bela” uses

(x1) Dynamic 10mm driver

(x8) Balanced armature drivers.




Shock proof case
Soft carrying pouch
Cleaning tool and cloth
OFC ultra soft removeable cable





Specs (from site)





Photo Bombs away motherfuckers!


















Typical Universal IEM using the bump for resting on the inner ear to hold the DD. They actually have made the smallest 1DD 8 BA hybrid I have seen and it is smaller than the Kumitate Labs KL-REF which is a DD BA hybrid but has less BA




NCM has stuffed a lot of stuff into a shell the size of 64 Audio’s U12 sized frame

The “Bella” is smaller or identical to U12 and smaller than ME.1












Sound impressions:










Going Back to Cali



Hit that play button!!

The Bella slams on this classic track. Without EQ it hits hard and with an amp and EQ it is among the heaviest hitters I have tried. NOTHING beats a Dynamic Driver for bass impact. The 8 BA drivers assure that the rest of the frequency does not disappear.

This is a set that goes from polite to slamming pretty easy.


bella freq


Git some of that low end baby!











On the Run


My go to track for panning cues and the Bella has a massive virtual stage. The 8BA are doing good work and the tuning lends itself to present big stages in a big way. I hate compact deliveries and this does not do that. Having lots of bass and lots of stage is a hard find and Bella does it well. The left to right and back panning cues on this classic Floyd track are all there and very clear. I was expecting a bass monster with no mids and a limited stage and got a shit ton of space and sparkle.









Gold Dust Woman


Because of the male and female vocals through this track and the quality of the mastering it is a great track to judge  vocals and any sense of them being pushed back or forward. The mids are a tad forward but it is actually a nice listen and the graph shows a smooth transition from bass thru mids to treble. they sound a bit forward (vocals) bit recessed is unacceptable to me and a touch forward is what I prefer.









Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’


This is where the “Bella” really really shines. See that graph above again. The treble is bumped right in the sweet spot and not spiking at 7.5-9khz. It is falling but no sense of roll off. The details in this awesome track on this fucking awesome album…..Mike got weird but this lbum was an epic masterpiece of mixing by Quincy Jones and others.

For a set that was focused on bass when sent to me…I imagine?  The Treble steals the show. Absolutely tuned perfect for my ears.  I played through and loved this whole fucking album on Bella….absolutely fuckingdope!


This is sparkle.  Slam and sparkle with no scoop…2017 ladies and gents…good times!! The Hybrid sets are getting better and better







I had no idea who NCM was and they contacted me…and I am glad they did. Thomas was polite and did everything he was going to do when he said he would do it.

I would rec the company anytime. I have no incentive to kiss ass. I wouldn’t anyway but I got none. The dudes from Vietnam are cool very cool and the gear they make is fanfuckingtastic!


I highly rec the “Bella”. Never assume but……gotta imagine they make some more good shit over at NCM.


Big Thanks to Thomas!



Their website is here


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Listened to this just before my review…good shit!