I wanted to try a 2 pin for the Audeze since it is kinda ghetto stock IMO.

I contacted him and he sent me the BT version after some back and forth.

I like the Blue Benz

You wanna try the white one?

Um actually.


I admired the car salesman like vibe.

And hell, BT buds suck pretty much so picking my own 2 pin set and making them BT is pretty damn convenient. I got em for free so my White Benz feels pretty damn fine.

Does free make a difference in a positive review?

Probably does on some level but I got complaints so not enough to prevent sharing that so no….

Comes in a nice box.
Who cares?

Box people care…that’s who!!


  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Smart-assistant support
  • aptX Codec
  •  Microphone
  • Media-control


I thought the red would indicate (right) but it actually goes only on left of isine20

Red is left on all IEM tried and the notch on the rubber surrounding the termination might be better if it has no bend. Easier to wear down or make earhooks or he could on request though cable is short so there is limited cable to work with.

Everything was worn upside down or backwards so maybe this set was a mistake?

If I turn the logos facing inside they fit a bit better on the 64 Audio U12 but not great. i gotta think this is an odd set.

Red is left and logo turned in makes them fit better on some sets.

Shozy hibiki


From PlusSound,

The red is right side with screws required to face outward, as provided in the instruction card. The only exception is with Audeze units which has the groove reversed, but red is still on the right. When customer specifies Audeze, we know not to include the cable bend. Otherwise, it would have it to make it more comfortable.

Pairing with all DAP’s with Bluetooth was very simple.

Keep holding button down until red and blue blink rapid and look for it on the DAP and pair.

Had no issues with any device



My man cave has Hawaiian beach towels on the ceiling


Stay gangster.



Take whatever the fu you like with you and suffer no audible loss in quality.


Unit housing kinda big .If i wear the cable behind my head like some Sony sets it fits better on the U12 and Hibiki but then I have to reach behind my head to touch the controller which is right behind my ear


If you have a set where the plug is on top and not bottom this is something to consider

Thanks to the guy who sold me the white instead of Blue Benz.

It was free



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